What is live streaming?

The transmission of video in real time using the internet, it can be public or private. (Skype and FaceTime are a good example of private live streaming)

What platforms do you live stream to?

We stream to FacebookLive, YouTube Live, Livestream and all the top hosts, including custom RMTP services

How much bandwidth do I need to livestream?

We usually suggest 700 Kbps or higher upstream bandwidth to broadcast in high quality. In most cases, using a lower quality setting you can get by with less, but we don’t recommend it.

How can I test my internet speed?

You can use this to test your connection speed.

Can I live stream without an internet connection?

Yes! We offer a 4G LTE streaming on location service too; depending on the cellular signal in the specific area quality will vary…

What is 360 VR?

Spherical video shot from a single camera position, allows the user to ‘look around’ and see what is going on… This is especially useful if you want to convey truth & reality as it allows the user to dictate how they view the scene without an editor cutting to different angles!

What is a UAV?

More commonly called drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles live feeds are great when used to show the scale of an event or location.

What is the most cost effective way to livestream?

A single camera broadcast is the lowest cost option, but actually each additional camera improves the viewers experience far more than it increases the cost of the production. So we recommend that 3 or 4 camera set ups give you the most for your money…

Check our Pricing Guide page for more info.

What is The Anomalous Collective

 The Anomalous Collective is the Anomalous™ mother company.

Est 2010 and based in Angel, North London the group consists of a creative agency (AV), a studio space (A_) and an events production company (AE)